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Created in early 2016, this blog serves as an outlet for my wealth of lessons and failures (and sometimes knowledge) when it comes to beauty. If you love compulsively buying hair products and makeup, reading up on health and fitness tips, easy recipes, or taking on spontaneous DIY projects (in all of your not-so free time), you’ll feel right at home here and on my Instagram.

My mom maintains that there is little to nothing that we see on HGTV or Food Network that we can’t do ourselves. While I fought that as a child (and teenager and young adult. Put the sledgehammer down, mom.), I have a little bit of that DIY, can-do streak running in me as well.

That, and I need a way to justify my shopping problem.

In short, I’m a broke college student with not enough time on my hands and a constant need to add more to my plate.

My goal is to provide a resource for the Pinterest generation to come and read about the types of things that we are into from a realistic point of view. Not everything is perfect results and photographs. Life is a collection of trials, failures, and successes, and I hope to document that here.

The Author

Domesticate Kate | About Me

I am Katie, sometimes Kate, a girl about to graduate from engineering school who does everything she can to keep her right brain from dying off. After long days of numbers and spreadsheets, I come home and do everything I can to keep my creative side alive.

I have always loved to draw and craft, and dressing up was always one of my favorite things to do. After a few years of losing myself to my degree program, I thought it was about time to get back to the hobbies and life-long loves that I hadn’t made time for in years.

Welcome to Domesticate Kate! Please make sure to follow us on here and social media for future snippets from me (and quite a few kitty pictures.)

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