Product Review: Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque

Last week when I was in need of some retail therapy, I stopped into a high school friend’s new beauty boutique in Carrollton, The Vanity by Shawncee. I went for the Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque by Shea Moisture because if I need anything after a couple of long weeks, it’s some good old fashioned pampering.


This masque is geared toward dry, damaged hair. As someone who has been a blonde addict since my preteen years, dry and damaged are two words often used when I describe both my hair and my sense of humor.


The key ingredients in this mask are sea kelp (to seal and smooth the cuticle), argan oil (to restore shine and elasticity), and shea butter (to deeply moisturize while conditioning hair and scalp).



The instructions on the jar say to leave it on somewhere from 5 minutes to 30 and gives you the option to add heat to it for the half hour. Considering that I don’t have a cap or the upper body strength to hold a hair dryer above my head for half an hour, I elected to leave it on my hair for roughly 30 minutes while sitting on my front porch in the Georgia heat, which I consider the equivalent of sitting under two blow dryers.

After 30 minutes(ish) of writing for senior design and chilling with my animal peeps, I went inside, rinsed and scrubbed this out of my hair, then co-washed as usual.

The Results

Honestly, my hair air dried pretty frizzy, but that might be because I didn’t follow my usual anti-frizz routine, and I may or may not have brushed my hair. (Hisssssssss. Wavy hair no no.) Despite the frizz, my hair felt SO SOFT. I couldn’t stop touching it. I’ve read some reviews online that suggest applying coconut oil on top of the mask, so I will try that next time to see if it helps with some of the frizz.

If your hair is very dry, you need to try this.  Especially you, my bottle blonde homies. Come to the light side.


Between $11 and $13.


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